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Useful Links (Math/LaTeX)

  Some useful links  

  1. International Mathematical Union(IMU)
  2. Developing Countries Strategy Group, IMU
  3. Mathematics at ICTP
  4. International Statistical Institute, Netherlands
  5. American Mathematical Society
  6. Mathscinet A searchable database of journals and books, subscription required. You can search mathscinet in from here in this site
  7. AMS Subject Classification
  8. Similar to Mathscinet.
  9. - Another site of online journals
  10. NUMDAM - Search and download archives of mathematical journals
  11. A big list of journals taken from
  12. Number Theoretic Information at
  13. Planetmath  An open source of mathematics definitions, completely downloadable!
  14. Mathworld  Another source of definitions.
  15. Wikipedia Mathematics
  16. Math Archive hosted by
  17. Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics
  18. Google Math directory

India Specific Information

  1. Indian Journals in Mathematics
  2. Indian Journals in Statistics
  3. Ramanujan Mathematical Society
  4. Indian Mathematical Soceity
  5. Indian National Science Academy
  6. National Board for Higher Mathematics

Programmes for students

  1. Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme (M T & T S)
  2. Advanced Training Schools in Mathematics Schools
  3. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana


  1. India and Mathematics, Wikipedia article

Some  Mathematics Departments in India Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (T I F R), Mumbai Institute of Mathematical Sciences (I M Sc), Chennai Chennai Mathematical Institute(C M I), Chennai Indian Institute of Science (I I Sc), Bangalore Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad University of Hyderabad Punjab University Mumbai University Pondicherry University Indian Institute of Technology (I I T), Mumbai Indian Institute of Technology (I I T), Kanpur Indian Institute of Technology (I I T) Madras Indian Statistical Institute (I S I), Bangalore Indian Statistical Institute (I S I), Calcutta Indian Statistical Institute (I S I), Delhi IISER Pune IISER, Kolkata IISER Mohali IISER Thiruvananthapuram IISER Bhopal Institute of Advanced Study (I A S), Princeton Princeton University Yale University Harvard University Stanford University Massachusetts Institute Technology Ecole Normale Supérieure Latex resources LaTeX Tutorials From the group of tex users(tug) Thanks to All the links below are obtained from there site. The Comprehensive Tex Archive Network (CTAN) Virtually all TeX, LaTeX, and related software and documentation can be obtained from CTAN, which has multiple ftp mirror sites.

Packages for Publications REVTeX - The American Institute of Physics accepts manuscripts for several of its journals in REVTeX.  AASTeX  - Chris Biemesderfer's LaTeX Command Summary. AMSTeX - The American Mathematical Society has their own macro package, AMSTeX.  More Resources and Links The UK TeX Users' Group's FAQ Page. It is searchable. LaTeXe help 1.4 is available from Emory Univ. Text Processing Using LaTeX from Cambridge Univ. Engineering Dept. includes excellent beginning and advanced hypertext manuals as well as information in other formats. Macintosh users will want to take a look at Gary Gray's TeX/LaTeX Software for the Macintosh, with pointers to many tools for dealing with LaTeX and what's new listings. For those with less experience with LaTeX, good introductory material includes: Getting Started with LaTeX: by David Wilkins, Trinity College, Dublin.  Document Preparation with LaTeX from the Univ. of Sterling, UK.  The Usenet newsgroup comp.text.tex can be a good source of information and help. Don't forget to check Yahoo also!

Hypertext information
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help files.
-->Aspects of publishing with TeX and LaTeX
is an introduction to the philosophy of TeX and LaTeX.

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