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Research Areas

The research carried out in this school is broadly under these areas:

  1. Algebraic geometry
  2. Algebraic number theory: Local Jacquet - Langlands Theory, Distinguished Representations (for GL(n) over non-archimedean local fields), etc.
  3. Commutative Algebra
  4. Complex analysis
  5. Differential Geometry
  6. Differential Equations
  7. Dynamical systems: Topological Dynamics, Chaos Theory, etc.
  8. Fluid mechanics: Stokes flows, flow through porous media, Flows at Low Reynolds Number, Gas Dynamics.
  9. Harmonic analysis
  10. Number theory and Cryptology
  11. Wavelet analysis
  12. Operation research: Modeling and Simulation
  13. Queuing theory
  14. Order statistics
  15. Outliers and Regression Diagnostics
  16. Statistical Inference and Reliability.

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