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  • Centralized library open 15 hours a day with above 10,000 books in Mathematics and Statistics.


  • Subscription to above 100 top Mathematical and Statistical Journals


  • Access to several online resources such as AMS MathSciNet, ScienceDirect, Springer Online, JCCC@UGC-Infonet


  • Unmatched computing facilities to help research in  Dynamical Systems, and Fluid Dynamics. We have three computer labs with above 50 computer systems exclusively for the use of our students.


  • Mathematical and Statistical software like Mathematica, SciLab, Systat,  SPSS and Statistica for the use of students


  • FTP and Print server for students


The university library has a fairly good collection of books and an impressive collection of journals in Mathematics and Statistics. Library is accessible from 8 AM to 12 midnight on all working days and 10 AM to 5 PM on all Second Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

You can see the list of journals subscribed by the department here.

The department has good computing facilities provided in three labs. At present we have more than 50 Desktop PCs dedicated for the use of students in 3 labs.  Training in the use of computers is integrated with the regular teaching facilities.  

Using a dedicated IBM server, students can store their files in an ftp system and access it from anywhere in the campus. This system is equipped with several other educational software. We are perhaps the only department in the University who enabled printing services and automated printing quota for M.Sc. students.

In these labs students can work in software like Mathematica, Statistica, Systat, SPSS, Scilab packages for their computational needs.  Internet facility is also available to students in these labs through a dedicated LAN. This is apart from these facilities offered in the central computer centre and in the library for all the university students.

The department has access to online Mathematics resources like MathSciNet for updated information about research being done world wide. This facility is available to all the students and faculties of the department through the internal computer network.

Support for Research activity in the region

The National Board of Higher Mathematics, (NBHM) has recognized our library as a regional library of the NBHM. There by the faculties and research students from other universities/colleges in the region are entitled to use the facility offered by the library for their research work or references of Mathematics/Statistics journals as well as books.

There is also a facility for getting the research articles from the Mathematics/Statistics journals subscribed in this university. A nominal amount at the rate of 50 Paise per page will be charged by the library for Xeroxing the article. See this page for details.

Page last modified on 11 Jan 2024

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