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Publications of R. Radha


1. (with V.D.Sharma), Interaction of shock waves with weak discontinuities, Applicable Analysis, 50 (1993) 145 – 166.
2. (with V.D.Sharma), Imploding cylindrical shock in a perfectly conducting and radiating gas, Phys. Fluids B 5 (1993) 4287.
3. (with V.D.Sharma), On one dimensional planar ana nonplanar shock waves in a relaxing gas, Phys. Fluids 6(1994) 2177 - 2190.
4. (with V.D.Sharma), High and low frequency small amplitude disturbances in a perfectly conducting and radiating gas, Int. J. Engng. Sci. 33 (1995)2001-2010.
5. (with V.D.Sharma), Similarity solutions for converging shocks in a relaxing gas, Int. J. Engng. Sci. 33(1995)535 - 553.
6. (with V.D.Sharma), Strong converging shock waves in a radiating gas, ZAMM, 75 (1995) 847 - 859.
7. (with V.D.Sharma), Propagation and Interaction of waves in a relaxing gas,
   Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A 352(1995) 169 - 195.
8. (with V.D.Sharma), Three dimensional shock wave propagation in an ideal gas, Int. J. Non-linear Mechanics 30(1995) 305-322.
9. (with D.F.Parker and C. Sophocleous), Photorefractive accelerating pulses, 
   J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 35 (2002) 1283- 1295.
10. (with D.F.Parker and Margarida Facao) Accelerating solitons for sliding frequency filter systems, Physical Review E, 65 (2002).
11. (with V.D.Sharma and A. Jeffrey) An approximate analytical method for describing the kinematics of a bore over a sloping beach, Applicable Analysis, 
      81 (2002) 867 – 892.
12. (with S.A.V.Manickam and V.D.Sharma) Far field behaviour of waves in a vibrationally relaxing gas, Applied Numerical Mathematics,45 (2003) 293- 307.
13. (with V.D.Sharma) Exact solutions of Euler equations of ideal gasdynamics via Lie group analysis, ZAMP (Switz.),(2008).
14. (with Manoj Pandey and V.D. Sharma) Similarity analysis and exact solutions of Magnetogasdynamic equations, Quart. J. Mech. Appl. Math. (UK), (2008).

15. (with B.Sri Padmavati and T.Amaranath) New approximate analytical solutions for creeping flow past axisymmetric rigid bodies, Mech. Res. Comm., Vol.37, 2010, pp256-260.

16.(with T.Amaranath and B. Sri Padmavati) A New approximate analytical solutions for Arbitrary Stoke flow past Rigid bodies, Accepted for publication in ZAMP.

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